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Host Then Profit

As A Valued Team Member I Want To Help You Build
Your Business.

Lots of people join opportunities but have problems generating targeted traffic. Host then profit is one of the very best opportunities online. And many people are joining every day. Most people face the daunting task of getting others to join, and also have problems generating traffic. This is where this Co-op can help increase your business and earnings.

I’ve been online, full-time, for 7 years and a business owner for 26 years. I generate targeted traffic every single day of the week and that’s where my success has come from!

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Important: I want you to succeed in this business; I believe this Co-op can and will work for you. However, as you will appreciate, results cannot be guaranteed. Some people will just take a look and some people will upgrade. You will be able to see all the targeted traffic that I send to your website in your GVO members back office. The exciting thing about a Co-op, is that it allows us the generate 1000’s of targeted traffic at a low cost to you.

Cost: £30 (approx $50) per share, 1- 10 share per person per month. This will generate 500 – 2000 targeted visitors to your website. But please invest what you can afford! You can start with one share to get you started or buy 3 or 4 or more (maximum 10 per month). The choice is yours.

Most online businesses take a little time to build momentum, you will need to give your business a little time to grow and grow, as I send more traffic to your website.

I GUARANTEE I will send as much traffic as I can to give you
REAL value for money 

This is completely hands off for you. I will make sure that you get as much quality traffic for your share.

Once you have purchased your share(s) below, please email me your GVO affiliate link so that I can add to the rotation. Email: info@sweetmoneypublications.com 


Terms of Refund and Cancellation: I’m unable to refund for this Co-op. The monies paid goes in to generating quality leads. As you will appreciate with any advertising and marketing, results can vary. However, you can cancel at anytimel.